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Dangerous Music 2BUS LT

Dangerous Music 2BUS LT | Rage Audio

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Dangerous Music

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Sumador Analógico de 16 Canales

For those seeking a powerful, straightforward summing mixer, or those who wish to expand the number of channels in their current analog summing rigs, meet the 2-BUS...

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Sumador Analógico de 16 Canales

For those seeking a powerful, straightforward summing mixer, or those who wish to expand the number of channels in their current analog summing rigs, meet the 2-BUS LT. Built with the same award-winning active summing electronics that have made our head designer Chris Muth legendary, the 2-BUS LT strips away non-essentials in order to bring the world’s best analog sound within reach of anyone. You get sixteen channels of pristine analog summing, dual stereo outputs to feed both your monitoring chain and your mix path, and an expansion port for linking any of our summing mixers together for even more channels.

Unlike passive summing boxes that require huge amounts of make-up gain to restore the lost audio, or line mixers masquerading as “summing mixers,” the active electronics in the 2-BUS LT result in what Dangerous users describe as “a huge soundstage,” “holographic sound,” and “audible three-dimensionality.” Panning is wide and precise, reverbs spacious and deep, bass powerful and engaging, treble and mids articulate and interesting. And within all that spacious sound, you get an incredibly focused and strong center image. When summing in analog, you’re also allowing multiple converter channels to share the workload of getting your sounds into the analog environment. Once there, the 2-BUS LT’s exceptional summing circuits will provide all the headroom plus a vast soundstage, allowing your mixes to truly shine.

Many analog processors – from delays and reverbs to EQs, compressors and more – have been beautifully modeled in the digital realm, but analog summing remains impossible to emulate digitally. We’ve all experienced the frustration of a mix collapsing when relying on a single digital master fader to handle it all. The middle gets crowded, panning becomes blurry, reverbs lose dimension, and soon the mix just lacks appeal. By summing individual tracks or subgroups of tracks (often called “stems”) with the 2-BUS LT’s analog circuits, you get crystal clear sonic imaging and a wide-open soundstage. No matter how high your track count, all your recorded audio, software instruments, samplers, effects and plugins will sing with the detail, punch and clarity that only real analog summing can deliver. You’ll struggle less, work faster and enjoy mixing more!

When you buy analog equipment, you’re making a real investment that will hold its value for decades. Analog technology is time-tested. It won’t require an expensive upgrade, become incompatible with your computer or DAW, or start crashing. No matter what music production system you’re using in ten, fifteen, twenty years, the superior summing capabilities of the 2-BUS LT will always be a relevant, compatible and valuable centerpiece in your studio.


· 16 entradas y 2 salidas
· Conectable en cascada y compatible con 2-Bus
· Respuesta en frecuencia: 1Hz - 100kHz en 0,1dB
· Distorsión armónica total:  0,005% en la banda de audio
· Distorsión de intermodulación: 0,006% IMD60 4:1
· Crosstalk @ 1kHz: -97dB
· Ruido de tierra: -83dBu 
· Nivel máximo: +27dBu
· Nivel de funcionamiento nominal: +4dBu (1.228V)
· Impedancia de entrada: 25kohm balanceada
· Impedancia de salida: 50ohms (capaz de manejar 600ohms)
· Entradas: 2 conectores de 25pines D (2x thomann 8 canales)
· Salidas: 4 XLR balanceadas, principal y monitor
· Dimensiones: 19"/1U