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Amtec DST-5A



Amtec DST-5A

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The Amtec DST-5A is a clipper/distortion module designed to be used in API-500 compatible racks.
It is a line level device capable of producing a broad spectrum of harmonics. Its versatility is greatly increased by a novel mixing stage, a choice of 4 different transfer curves and simple, but carefully fine-tuned EQ stages.

It can be used at every stage of audio work on individual tracks, sub-mixes or full mixes.The DST-5A offers anything from subtle peak limiting (rounding off the transients and increasing loudness) and tone enhancing thatbrings out character of vocals, drums, guitars, synthesizers etc. to fully distorting the original tone.

It can be used to simulate the saturation aspect of tape recording, to add crunch, grind and growl with a choice of warm or raspy distortion qualities


· Two EQ circuits operated by one knob - pre-distortion and post-distortion
· Drive control of distortion
· MIX knob from DRY setting and goes through the WET position to the Super WET mode
· Bypass switch