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Schippmann Music CS-8 Omega-Phi VCO


Schippmann Music

Schippmann Music CS-8 Omega-Phi VCO

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Omega-Phi - Thru-Zero FM/Thru-Zero Phase Modulation Dual VCO

The worlds first analogue voltage controlled oscillator with true Phase-Modulation!!

The high performance VCO Omega-Phi of the CS-8 series is a so-called thru zero oscillat or t o t he power of 2. Oscillat ors of this type are able to process negative control voltages resulting in a reversal of their curve. With that technical difference, for thru zero oscillators are arising very significant properties. In comparison to ordinary oscillators the harmonic relationships will kept constant independently of the modulation depth (index), wherefore true Fm synthesis is possible with this type of oscillators (provided that they bring the required technical qualities with it). The ultimate feature of the Omega-Phi, moreover, is the capability of an additional true phase-modulation section. It is connected downstream to the oscillator core and the sound is very similar to the sound aesthetic of the frequency modulation. The downstream architecture provides lots and mighty possibilities of sound synthesis. E.g. it is possible to create PM sounds (Phi section) and having at the same time clean standard waves at the core outputs (Omega sect ion) for ot her kinds of synt hesis. Also modulat ion cascades are possible, where a first modulat or creat es FM synt hesis and a second one a phase modulation of the FM result. 

Moreover, there exists a number of synchronization possibilities, interesting intermediate states (between "Thru zero" and "normal"), for each of the both sections (Omega & Phi) a by one oct ave decimat ed sub frequency wave and apart from PWM a mighty saw-tooth wave-shaping with 1-2 octaves-up effect and an absolute super round sine-wave. 


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