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Fuente de sonidos para contenidos multimedia, anuncios, películas y música Ambient

Diseñado para crear todo tipo de atmósferas, abstractas, emotivas, fantásticas y de ciencia-ficción, Convolution Space es un recurso de sonidos perfecto para producir anuncios, películas y música ambient. Cargado con 8,5GB de encantadoras texturas estéreo y 5.1 surround modeladas a mano, este producto está integrado en Native Instruments Kontakt 2 Player, y ofrece 625 instrumentos que permiten combinar y explorar estas texturas de forma interminable.


Convolution Space was designd for all kind of atmospheres and is the first one using the innovative convolution technology:

· Abstract: Metaphysical and esoteric sounds that really fits no other description.
· Emotional: The beautiful, sad and ecstatic. Simply sounds that evoke emotion – mostly positive.
· Fantasy: Magical and otherworldly, these are sounds for your imagination.
· Mental: Sounds of the states of mind, ranging all the way from psychotic to the spiritual and psychedelic
· Scary: Sinister and malice, all for your horror soundtrack. This is not for the faint of heart.
· SciFi: For the future and all of it’s technology – and your high concept soundscape.
· Underground: dark and devoid of hope, these sound vibrate only downwards.
· Deep&Rumble: Earthshattering and relentless in the one pursue of deeper realms.
· Structures: The eerie and strange; these are places you normally avoid.
· Technology: The imaginary sounds of communicating CPU’s, searchlights and future machines