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Musiclab REALSTRAT 4

Musiclab REALSTRAT 4 | Rage Audio


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Licencia de descarga

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Instrumento virtual de guitarra eléctrica
AAX native, AU, Mac, Standalone, VST, Win - 455 MB

RealStrat 4 es un instrumento virtual de guitarra eléctrica. Está basado en samples y presume de...

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Instrumento virtual de guitarra eléctrica

AAX native, AU, Mac, Standalone, VST, Win - 455 MB

RealStrat 4 es un instrumento virtual de guitarra eléctrica. Está basado en samples y presume de tener una aproximación novedosa al modelado y emulación de guitarras. Se controla con teclado MIDI y cubre una gran variedad de sonidos, articulaciones y técnicas (mute, armónicos, slap, strumming, picking, etc).

RealStrat 4 is a sample-based virtual instrument with an innovative approach to guitar sound modeling and guitar part performing on keyboard. RealStrat provides incredible playability based on the unique performance modes and easy-to-use keyboard layout as well as the advanced key/pedal/velocity switch system allowing a keyboardist to perform guitar parts with a whole new level of realistic expression. RealStrat covers practically all sounds, articulations, and techniques a professional guitarist can produce on his Strat, including mute, bridge mute, harmonics, pinch harmonics, unison bend, strumming, picking, chord choking, scraping, etc. High quality dry samples recorded directly from Stratocaster pick-ups let you easily create any desired guitar sound using your favorite amplifier simulator. 


· Tecnología de capas multicanal, incorporando una librería de samples especialmente grabados a partir de cada traste de las 6 cuerdas de una guitarra real.
· Tecnología Floating Fret Position, que imita el movimiento de trastes que realiza el guitarrista en el cuello de la guitarra. Permite utilizar hasta 140 trastes con sólo 46 teclas de un teclado MIDI.
· Tecnología Guitar Touch, que permite imitar las técnicas básicas de guitarra (strumming, plucking, sliding, bending, muting, etc.), con un teclado MIDI y controladores MIDI estándar (rueda de modulación, de tono, aftertouch...)
· Tecnología Sound Humanize para reducir el efecto "ametralladora" en las repeticiones de notas (tremolo, strumming, plucking, etc.)

· New Song mode added, a perfect songwriting tool, letting you insert chord changes and patterns for the song directly into the built-in Song Track · Smart Chord Selector, allowing to instantly insert chords into the Song Track
· Powerful Style Filter, letting you automatically find suitable patterns in Pattern Library by musical criteria: tempo range, meter, playing technique, and rhythm feel
· Export MIDI file from Song mode
· Humanize engine with 9 parameters added
· MIDI output mode for Pro Tools/AAX added
· Double Tracking configuration and patch letting you easily simulate ‘double-tracked guitar part with the single MIDI input (to use this feature you must run RealStrat multi output version, ReaStrat (2 mono) or RealStrat (2 stereo) plugin, depending on mono or stereo amps/FXs you are going to use. These plugins provide 2 outs in your DAWs mixer. In a DAWs mixer pan each output being used, then add the amps/FXs of your choice on each channel)
· Harmonics/Pinch Harmonics on black Add-on keys added in Bass&Pick mode
· Slow Strum time slider added in Timing panel
· FretNoise automatic for repetitive notes improved
· FretNoise (trigger) FX added
· Transpose, Transpose(toggle) FXs added
· Unison/Octave selection added for Harmonics FX
· Strum Time range increased to 200 ms
· PitchBender Down->Slide range automation added